Bringing Predictability to Sightings using AI


First of all, I must thank Mr Parmesh and team for arranging safari in such short notice. The tracker was very good at decoding animal sounds. We have enjoyed tranquil nature in the deep forest and have seen a leopard in about 10 feet distance. It was giving a photoshoot for us. Countless other animals like peacocks, deers, crocodiles, birds, blue bull, etc. I recommend all who love nature and wildlife to get help from WildTrails. Taking your own vehicle is useless as you can’t see the deep forest. Also, you don’t know where would animals will be. Good luck

Ramchandra Babu Karkala - ,

A Wildtrails guide transported me, on my first trip to India for business, to Nagarhole National Park. I enjoyed two safaris and saw a ton of wildlife with the highlight being tigers on both excursions. On the first (Saturday evening) we sighted a female tiger. One the second excursion we sighted a mother tiger and her 3 nearly grown cubs (a male and two females). My WildTrails guide was everything I could ask for. And the WildTrails administrators actually changed my excursion plans real-time based upon recent sighting data that indicated a high likelihood of tigers on Sunday morning. Otherwise, I would have been on the river safari and missed the mother and her cubs. An amazing adventure. Can't say enough about the great staff at WildTrails and at Kabini River Lodge.

Kevin Blackwell - Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Information Services Group, USA

WildTrails took care of us very well for our trip to Bandipur. They were very responsive and helpful from start to finish. Everything was planned out well and communicated effectively to us. Resorts was very clean and the staff was very friendly and helpful. They took care of us very well during our entire stay and the safari guides were knowledgeable as well. Added to it, we sighted the majestic Tiger!! WildTrails had predicted well too!!! Would definitely recommend planning a trip with them.

Aditya Ravikumar - Google, Singapore

WildTrails was the most amazing tour company I have ever been with start to finish. Being a single white female travelling alone to Sariska Tiger Reserve ,WildTrails team were ​in constant contact while I was traveling on the train and although the train was  an hour late they were there to greet me. Their drivers were extremely punctual for every trip. On the Sunday I fell ill and again they were in constant contact making sure I was being looked after offered to get me a doctor, they arranged for a late check because I was unwell and made sure I got the driver to the station. This company went above and beyond expectations and cannot thank them enough for all they did to make this a great trip.

Claire Rositta - , New York City, USA

I came across WildTrails after some disappointing attempts at finalizing a dream trip to Masai Mara with local Kenyan tour companies that were offering us inflexible and expensive deals. I stumbled upon their website by serendipity after almost having given up. Having never heard of them before I was hesitant to contact them but a review on their website read that they were like the light at the end of the dark tunnel which is exactly how things turned out for us as well! The folks here are very helpful and resourceful. When we reached the Nairobi airport 3 hours earlier than our departure time to Masai Mara they even called up our driver at 6 AM IST to inform them of our arrival. Do try them out

Karishma M - HMC, New Delhi

I m happy n totally satisfied with the way Wildtrails had managed my Kabini trip. They always reverted me, in very humble way, even when I called them on holiday or on awkward time. Special thanks to Vidhu n Pramesh.

Silkey Aggarwal - ,

We did Tadoba trip with WildTrails India and the experience was just awesome. They were in constant touch with us throughout the trip, updating sightings regularly, changing gates accordingly and we had amazing sightings and an Wow experience overall. Also, while it was a welcome break for the adults in the family, what I really was impressed by how this experience transformed the outlook of the youngsters in the family and got them to appreciate nature in a very personal way. Highly recommend Wildlife Jungle trips for families specially with youngsters & kids, and definitely go with WildTrails India for a Wow Wildlife Experience!!

Ravi Narayan - Global Director, Microsoft Corp., Bangalore, India

When we decided to visit Tadoba, only our dates were fixed. Rest all was taken care of by WildTrails. We were bit worried due to our past experiences with other trip planners. But, finally we decided to go with WildTrails after reading numerous reviews. And it was a decision that made our trip remarkable. Everything was taken care off – from the cab to the stay and safari. We didn’t had to call/ confirm for anything. WildTrails was always available for any query we had. We were blessed that we could see the Queen of Jungle in our first safari itself, but the rest of the safari experience was amazing too. The greenery was very soothing. Before the trip, the WildTrails app helped in building excitement. I am still using it (to plan our next trip). WildTrails is highly recommended as there are no hidden costs, no ambiguity or no false promises but you get excellent service, prompt response and a memorable holiday!”

Dr. Mrudula Phadke - National AIDS Research Institute,, Mumbai, India

Excellent and amazing app that covers everything about wildlife, Birding and all. Got a great deal from this app and completed my first wildlife photography Safari. Real time updates about wildlife helped us to plan and execute. They have a great contact and expert tiger trackers. Kudos to the whole team behind this. This WildTrails India app is my preference for future safaris. Thank you WildTrails India

Naveen Narayana - Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd, Bangalore, India

Excellent app. Loved the seriousness and dedication with which information is being gathered and shared, and being done so regularly. This is a great service being done to the wildlife and conservation community. Wish the team all the best. And the attempt to provide tiger sighting statistics is fabulous. If, over time, the input information is made more robust and reliable, then this can even become a paid app, with some revenue going to the guide on the ground who feeds in the actual sighting updates. Fantastic job!

Nilanjan Coomar - Works at GE, Bangalore, India

Prior to my visit to Tadoba, I had visited various wildlife reserves across India (Corbett, Kanha, etc.). Unfortunately, I had never managed to sight any wild cats. so I was really looking forward to this visit to Tadoba. Especially since the expectations were built up by WildTrails via regular updates and sighting pictures. I must admit that this visit has really satisfied my long time craving of sighting Tigers in their natural habitat. We were very fortunate to site the tigress Maya, with whom we spent around half an hour in close proximity. it was just absolutely amazing. I was also delighted because it was my son's first wildlife safari. The guide and driver provided by WildTrails were very nice and put in their best efforts to get us good sightings. We were also fortunate to sight a leopard and wild dogs, both of which are very rare to spot. The entire 3 day experience of the jungle was just awesome. The entire trip was planned professionally and went of very smoothly thanks to WildTrails Team and they were very prompt in responding to all our requests. Both, my wife and son also really enjoyed themselves and this is definitely going to be a family tradition. We hope all our Wildlife trips happen through WildTrails. I will also recommend to whoever is reading this testimonial to give WildTrails a try for your next safari - you will not regret it.

Eric Kathawalla - Banker, Mumbai, India

I've been using WildTrails app for a few weeks now and it's been extremely helpful. It works well even in remote areas with less coverage so 2G suffices for quick searches, which is quite amazing. This works well for not only frequent travelers but also while we're out and about the city.

Pooja Srinivas - , Bangalore, India

WildTrails organized for my friend and me three day trip to the beautiful Sariska National Park in Rajasthan. A driver picked us up from Jaipur and we stayed for two nights. The food and service were just amazing and it’s just 15min drive from the park entrance. We made altogether four safaris, two mornings and two afternoons. The Nationalpark has so much landscape to offer and there so many different species. We had Ajay from Sariska Tiger Reserve as a guide and as I can say he was great. His knowledge is amazing and he could read all the different animal tracks. At the very last safaris, we saw a male leopard drinking at a waterhole. The whole tour was great organized by WildTrails and we had nothing to do than enjoying our time. WildTrails deserves five stars out of five.

Matthias Fah - , Switzerland

I had a great time at Sariska! I journeyed from Noida on a motorcycle and had not booked ahead, but WildTrails folks were able to accommodate me last minute with a custom package that fit my schedule at a great price. I went on a group Safari in a Gypsy jeep with another family who was very nice. The tour guide explained many interesting facts about the jungle. We were also very lucky to have spotted a tiger and a leopard. An excellent experience! My package included stay at the Hill Resort about 8 km away from the Sariska gate. It was a nice place with all the facilities. And the staff was very nice. English is not their forte, but we got by. Again, a pleasant experience and I would come visit again. WildTrails, highly recommended

Nick - , Canada

It was one of the finest wildlife journeys. The trip to Bandhavgarh National Park was truly satisfying. Starting from the lightning fast conversations with Sonia and Parmeshwar till the completion of the wilderness journey, it was real joy. Special mention of Sharad, our naturalist. And last but not the least Mr. Satish of Aranyak Resort along with other staffs who made us feel at home. We were able to the Royal Bengal Tigers in their pristine environment. Thanks to all. Looking forward to a memorable journey once again.

Partha Sarthi - Distribution engineer @CESC LTD, Kolkata, India

We were feeling confident from the first in planning the trip with WildTrails with the app they had developed including stats on sightings. In planning the trip their team gave a good support planning to our budget the hotel and making other requirements available. Highly recommended for people who want explore wonderful aspects of indian wildlife. Cheers!

Tharidu Perera - Marketing at HAYLEYS PLC, SriLanka

The Wildtrails team is able to pull off safaris that few others can arrange - had a few great experiences with them and plan to do a lot more! Thanks, guys! :)

Kushe Bahl - Partner at McKinsey & Co, Mumbai, India

We could not sight a tiger during our trip, the whole experience was nevertheless fantastic. We had 3 wonderful safaris that were memorable for the overall experience. This was our first experience with WildTrails, it has been great. They had taken care of several details which made the trip enjoyable, Parmesh who handled the ops answered a few questions promptly even in the midst of the trip.

Som Somasundaram - ,

Had an amazing weekend at Tadoba tiger reserve arranged by @_WildTrails a great hospitality startup. Amazing what a country can accomplish with focus and passion and capital - tiger preservation

Arpan Sheth - Partner @Bain & Company -Working with Private Investors & leading Technology organizations (while finding time for Philanthropy in India) , Mumbai, India

I randomly came across the website and app online and having worked in the travel industry and planned multiple trips for my family and otherwise, I can honestly say this was a delight. So easy to work with and they just make the entire experience hassle free. The guide and safari drivers were amazing, experts in their field and went all out to ensure we enjoyed every single drive. Above all they were extremely polite and courteous. While my trip was to Tadoba, I can't wait to plan another one and visit a different jungle! Thank you Wildtrails for a great trip!

Shaheen B - Tata Realty & Infrastructure Ltd, Mumbai, India

I booked a trip on the Wildtrails App with my sister and friends to Tadoba and has the best experience. For me it's all about the service and right from my experience while booking and planning my trip right to the hotel staff and safari guides and drivers we had the best service and experience. The people are fantastic to work with and the added bonus of being able to check the animal sightings daily on the app for both morning and evening safaris was a huge bonus. It also makes you want to plan your next trip when you are currently still on your existing one! To be honest this entire process has made my safari booking experience much easier and I'm more than happy to plan all my trips through WildTrails

Roxanne B - Food & Travel Writer @thetinytaster, Mumbai, India

I had been to TATR (Tadoba) during Christmas with my family. Wildtrals services are excellent. The team assisted us throughout the trip. Night Safari on (24th Dec) was thrilling- We were sitting in an open gypsy in the dark (with the jeep lights switched off) and suddenly we spotted a leopard in the center of the road. We escorted it for almost 20mins on the jungle road. On the next day of the evening safari, we spotted two tigers and a sloth bear! Wildtrals made our vacation smooth, safe & Happy. We will definitely prefer Wildtrals for our next wildlife vacation.


WildTrails India selected gates based on tiger movements/sightings, and entire tour….Accommodation, Food, Safari booking, and Zone/Track choosing was meticulously done by them which made the whole trip a comfortable and memorable one. The itinerary was communicated well in advance and we were greatly delighted to get two sightings out of three Safaris booked!

VVS Prasad - Superintendent Customs & Central Excise , Hyderabad, India

Suddenly I got this craving to go to Kabini, but on a very short notice, wasn’t sure how to proceed & contacted WildTrails India through the app, mostly because I figured, anyone who can make such a great app has to be competent! I was not wrong, WildTrails got back to us immediately, & arranged the trip in no time! Every little request & detail was taken care of, & for foreign tourists like us, it gave an immense sense of relief to know there is someone you can depend on in a land that is largely unknown to you. Thank you WildTrails for all you did to ensure we had a memorable stay and the best wildlife experience possible. Now we know whom to get in touch with for an unforgettable, incomparable, and hassle-free wildlife adventure in India!!

Dr. Rishani Gunasinghe - Patent Technology Specialist,, Sri Lanka

WildTrails India were very prompt to respond to my reservation queries and ensured me a hassle free booking. My first booking with wildtrails had a huge influence on my luck as I could sight the elusive black panther twice and 5 tigers. I make sure my future bookings would be with wildtrails as my last visit to Kabini was enriched with 13 different tiger sightings and 5 leopards. Cheers to the wildtrails team!!

Dr. Shree Charan - Sr. Orthopedic Surgeon, Chennai, India

We did a Ranthambore safari trip planned by wildtrails. The whole thing was planned and executed very well. There were Their two safaris planned and we were lucky to get tiger sightings in both! Their guides had very good knowledge of the areas and how to track the location of the animals. Would definitely recommend this team for any wildlife trips.

Anjali Chachara - ,

Our recent trip to Tadoba was organized by WildTrails and they took care of all details from booking the safaris, to booking the resort, pick up and drop from station/airport…..all taken care of. Special thanks to Geeta and Parmesh for taking such good care of us and promptly answering all our queries. Must mention the expert tracker CHANDU whose knowledge and expert tracking helped us spot more than a dozen tigers as well as a leopard on our trip. Thanks, guys for the wonderful memories and will definitely get back to you for all further wildlife holidays.

Shravanty Chakravarty - Nuance Transcription Services, Mumbai, Maharashtra

We recently took a trip to Tadoba with 4 senior citizens. The trip was totally arranged by Wild Trail according to our request and requirements. We saw a tiger in one of the safaris. So all in all a successful trip. And thanks to Wild Trail for organizing everything as per our wish and constantly keeping in touch with us in every step. Highly recommend all to try their service

Ipsita Bhattacharya - ,

We had a wonderful time at the Tadoba Andhari wildlife santuary! Mr. Parmeshwar Poddar has been prompt with any information we needed or any kind of assistance required. The resort we stayed at was good and we spotted two of the majestic wild cats, which has been a highlight of the trip! Thank you Wild Trails and Ms. Sonali & Mr. Poddar for all the arrangements!! Would highly recommend them for safari related bookings!

Kajal Dhamne - ,

WildTrails came highly recommended to me by an acquaintance. I was so glad that we booked through them for several reasons. Being outside India and having not been to India working with Wildtrails was incredibly easy. Before our trip, they were kind enough to give us a packing list and recommendations. During our trip, the team stayed in touch and went above & beyond to meet some of our requests. We visited two National Park - Kanha and Bandhavgarh. We booked five safari's each at both parks. Our guide/driver in Kanha and Bandhavgarh was amazing. Very accommodating man.  Thank you Wildtrails team for staying in contact throughout and delivering above and beyond with getting our airport transfer info to us, guide info to us so we had the necessary information ahead of time. We look forward to more safari's with you in the future. Best wishes and thank you!

Shimaali Fernando - ,

I worked with Mujahaid at Wild Trails to plan my safari in Bandipur and Nagarahole. Due to COVID-19 my safari in April was cancelled. When the parks reopened in June, Mujahaid wss extremely helpful in rebooking my trip. I live in Bangalore so it is only a 5-hr drive from my home. All arrangements were timely and carefully handled. Mujahaid quiclky responded to my questions and concerns. My driver, Satish, was very profrssional. He arrived on time, the car was well-maintained, and he wore a mask and followed all health and safety requirements. He drove safely and pointed out sites along the way. The animal sightings in both parks were fantastic and I was able to see tigers in Nagarahole several times. My naturalist guide in Nagarahole, Lokesh, was a very knowledgeable of both flora and fauna. Both lodges I stayed at are run by the government. They are the only lodges offering small jeep safaris. The Bandipur lodge followed all social distancing and health policies. The rides were nice because there are no zones that restrict movement in the park. I had great elephant and sloth bear sightings. The Kabini River Lodge is a different story. Social distancing was not followed. People were not wearing masks on safari, the jeeps were filled with 5-6 people, and masks were not worn at the buffet when getting food. When I informed Mujahaid of this he was very vigilant in contacting the lodge and voicing concerns. The lodge did make some changes, but they have a long way to go. The park has two zones. Guests are supposed to go to one zone in the morning and then the other in the afternoon. Just know this is not strictly followed and guests are constantly cutting deals to get in the "hot" zone that is having a lot of tiger sightings. You also have to tip to get into jeeps with better naturalists. I was told children were not allowed on jeeps for safaris, but I saw at least 3 young children in jeeps. In fact, I was in a jeep with a child who fell asleep on the morning drive. The variety of animal sightings in Nagarahole are great, but the Kabini River Lodge needs work.

VM Richardson - , United States

We had booked an 2 nights 3 days trip to tadoba National Park with wild trails.... We were new & unaware of the process & the right locations to book an safari & also the stay at the right gate for the jungle excursions....gauri from wild trails did all that was required & ensured we had an great & comfortable trip.... The bonus was the tiger sightings.. We got to see the big cats in both the safaris that they had planned... All in all very happy with the way in which they managed the safari bookings & got us the favoured slots & days.. Keep up the good work guys.... Looking forward for more such trips with team wild trails

Sushil Sharma - , Mumbai, India

I booked bandipur tiger safari through wildtrails. though they charge a premium, the follow up especially by Mr.Mohammed Mujahid is very good where he mentioned about statistics on tiger sightings, updated status, their feedback on every safary they went. This should be the service i expected and should be the go to company for a wildlife safari in india. i hope to go with them again. Thanks for a memorable one.

Guruprasad Sanjeevi - Nokia, Chennai, India

We had a good sighting of a tigress in the morning safari. Thoroughly enjoyed safari !!!!

Shubham Ranjan - , Bangalore

Wildtrails India is a wonderful experience…almost Godsend when the typical systems fail to inform and help. It offers you help when you desperately need it. It will be an injustice not to mention the hard work by the staff to help.I strongly recommend Wildtrails India app whenever you plan for wildlife experience…..”

Prof. Kalyan Bhattacharyya - Professor, dept. Zoology, Sammilani, Kolkata, India

We had an amazing experience with Wildtrails on our visit to the Tadoba Tiger Reserve.  Everything was just perfect: The Car driver, Resort Selection, Resort Staff, Tour Guides, the Safari Gates etc.They have a great team to take care of even the smallest issue during the entire trip. We strongly recommend them to all Wildlife Lovers. 

Shree Ram Goyal - , Mumbai India

An excellent tour package, right from assistance in selection, providing the right guidance, helping select best packages up to communication and last-mile coordination by Parmesh. Even our driver Sudhir was highly professional and extremely polite. We enjoyed thoroughly throughout the trip. Highly recommended.

Manbika Banerjee - ,

Just to say "Thanks" to WildTrails India for organizing an amazing trip to Sariska Tiger Reserve. I had a great time even though we didn't see any cats, we certainly made up for it with Mongoose, Sambar, Chital, Nilgai, Macaques,Langur, Monitor Lizard and over 60 birds.The Oriental Pied Hornbill being the icing on the cake. Sad I didn't see tigers but that's nature for you.  WildTrails's expert naturalist Ajay's knowledge of the birdlife was fantastic and I was frantically trying to keep up with my bird book !

Chris Burrows - Piping Superchecker at Fluor Corporation, United Kingdom

Akshatha Hegde - We had a short one-night family outing @ bheemeshwari jungle resort. Excellent nature-based break.Great hospitality of the staff here.Many adventurous sports with good food. All of us simply loved this experience. WildTrail made booking experience hassle-free n fast.,

Used WildTrails for a trip to Tadoba. Although they're a little expensive, they keep to their word and are very professional in their arrangements. They are always available to assist you in case of any queries or requests before or during the trip :) look forward to doing another trip with them soon.

Aditya Dalwani - ,

Finding WildTrails India was the light at the end of a long dark tunnel of research for me. After days of trying to find a good, inexpensive place to do a safari, I came across a WildTrails blog post that gave me a WhatsApp number to contact for further information. I got a response immediately and got a wildlife safari arranged without paying for a fancy expensive resort stay. WildTrails suggested BR Hills which I hadn’t come across in all my reading. Not only did Wildtrails gave us confidence it was a good place to visit, they also gave us the number of a fair taxi driver who could take us there. We were in a last minute time crunch and the guidance from WildTrails pulled the whole trip together for us.

Sara Taylor - Educator at BuDa Folklore, Charlottesville, VA USA

Got in touch with WildTrails while planning a safari in India. Overwhelmed by the choices, advices offered & even helped us with all paper/legal work. Had an amazing camp and will definitely go to them for our next trip

Katie Hobhouse - Student, England

WildTrails India is a jungle getaways boiled down to the basics. They get every bit of it and they do what they do just right. Route maps, jungle brief, guidance to get there, stay, food , tracker and safaris --- these are the basics of any wildlife tour and they score between 8.5-10 on 10 in most areas. Pretty wallet friendly too. For pure value for money I will give them 15 on 10. Highly recommended for regular wildlife buffs.

Doctor Navin Gnanasekaran - Senior Consultant RADIOLOGIST at Westminster Healthcare , Chennai, India

Wildtrails is uniquely positioned to bring you the best opportunities in navigating the complex logistics of planning a safari and enabling real-time guidance for animal sightings. Thanks to Wildtrails, recently at Kabini we had a great sighting (Tiger family with cubs and a leopard). Wildtrails made the booking process very easy, helped arrange the best naturalists and made data driven gates/zones changes to make this a memorable experience. In short, even for a seasoned traveler managing a safari booking is not an easy task. Typical challenges include navigating various government websites, identifying and booking logging that meets individual preferences and booking vehicles/naturalists for safaris. Wild trails addresses all these headaches for you. In addition they go beyond and help you make the best choices in real-time (safari gates, guides, zones, etc.) to help you improve your chances of sighting the mammals/birds of your interest. As such I am looking forward to many more trips with Wildtrails and I strongly recommend wild trails to others interested in wildlife travel.

Ashwin Abhyankar - Engagement Manager, KPMG, San Deigo, USA

It was an excellent experience.. the trackers were very good and we saw a magnificent tiger within an hour of our safari.. would definitely recommend Wildtrails to anyone visiting Sariska! 

Karishma Singhal - ,

Thank You WildTrails India for great organization of the tour to Sariska Tiger Reserve.Sariska is a beautiful place. Despite no Tigers today, I had fantastic afternoon with WildTrails Expert Tiger Tracker & Naturalist. They were hospitable and very knowledgable. We enjoyed all the wild animals that we did see. Thoroughly enjoyed learning about tracking the leopards and the tigers in the wild.

Jane Beresford - , United Kingdom

It was indeed an excellent stay at Kabini River Lodge, though it was for only one night. The room, the food, the safari, the ambiance, the staff, and everything I came across there exceeded my expectations. The staff was very attentive and also very happy to serve. The safari they arranged in the evening was an excellent experience. I truly loved it. Another family was with me in the safari vehicle and we were extremely lucky as we got to see tigers, leopards, wild dogs, elephant, mongoose, Gaurs, etc in our close proximity. The next day when we requested the manager to provide the same driver, Mr. Sadiq whose intelligence helped us to see the leopard last evening, he was kind enough to offer us the same vehicle with the same driver. This shows the cordial attitude of the staff. Truly speaking, the highlight of our safari was our driver, as it was his smartness and driving expertise that helped us in spotting many animals and birds during our safari.  It was truly a pleasure staying and wandering around the place full of greenery.  I rarely write reviews, but because of the amazing experience, I felt like to write a review about this resort. Thank you so much WildTrails, and each and everyone I met and interacted at the Kabini River Lodge.

Ajan R Nair - ,

It was a very exciting safari through a great national park. We couldn't spot tigers or big cats but thanks to Ajay we could see a lot of other animals. We really enjoyed it

Carla Basile - ,

WildTrails India was kind enough to provide me with very detailed & helpful information related to my upcoming trip to Nagarhole National Park. WildTrails is a wealth of information. Highly recommend them.

Matthew Allison - Inspector, Air Pollution Control, San Diego County, USA

We had a wonderful experience visiting Bandipur and Nagarahole National Parks organized by WildTrails. They did an excellent job from the moment they came to pick us up in Bengaluru until they dropped us of back home. The car driver was very courteous and professional throughout the tour. The hosts at both national parks were very good and attended to all of our needs from bottled water to special meals requests. We went on 6 different safaris in 4 days and we were never disappointed with the drivers and their efforts to find the big cats. We did see a lot of wildlife including a big tiger and a leopard. All in all we were very satisfied with the safaris and WildTrails who made all the arrangements. I would highly recommend using WildTrails if you plan to visit the national parks.

Sai Appaji - , Denver, Colorado, USA

Very glad that I dealt with WildTrails for my Safari booking at Kabini. Very prompt in getting all needed info & in record time. Very knowledgeable about Indian Wildlife & Locations which is critical for an avid wildlife photographer like me. Highly recommend them especially for international travelers like me.

Mohammed Alnaser - Head of Equity Trading at Deutsche Securities, Saudi Arabia

Spotted Temple male leopard, tiger, gaur, spotted/sambar/barking dear, jungle dogs, eagles, peacock... Overall a great safari trip!!

Nithin Raveendran - ,

Impressed by the quality and services which are the two hallmarks for organizing corporate tours. WildTrails knowledge of the locations and wildlife spots was jaw dropping. Highly recommended.

Suresh Sambandham - CEO OrangeScape, Chennai, India

We enjoyed the trip you organized by WildTrails for us to Nagarhole Tiger Reserve in Karnataka very much. Everything was just as you represented and we especially appreciated being directed to the only resort that uses jeeps for its safaris rather than larger buses. There were 5 or 6 jeeps each morning and evening and once in the Reserve we rarely saw another vehicle though we knew the drivers were communicating and alerted each other to unusual sightings. Presumably, they were also connected to the wildtrails app. We did not realize how lucky we were on our very first safari to observe a tiger for many minutes in the underbrush near a waterhole and then to have him emerge and amble across the road right in front of us! We also saw two leopards on that same day as well as assorted less dramatic animals. The guides were all very knowledgeable, some more communicative than others..basically, we were pleased with WildTrails arrangements and interested in their endeavor. We will recommend WildTrails to friends wanting to explore India beyond cities.

Nancy Cummings - , Eugene, Oregon, USA

Thank you WildTrails for making our last minute program to Kabini possible. Within 3 hours after our teletalk from Wayanad, we were waiting for Jeep at Kabini. Kudos. Your tips about leopard sighting were wonderful and thanks again for helping us schedule Jeep safaris. 7 sightings of 6 different leopards in 2 safaris was dream stuff. THANKS AGAIN

Vineet & Shilpa Sisodia - Chartered Accountant, Mumbai India

Tiger sighting in pench was amazing. Thanks to WildTrails which organised tiger game drives at pench and Tadoba with a last minute notice. The trackers they assigned were amazing. Will highly recommend WildTrails to fellow Wildlifers.

Eric Brown - Skywest Airlines, Utah, USA

WildTrails India helped us select and book the right Wildlife Sanctuary for us with just a day notice, & their service was exemplary. They even arranged a cab to come and pick us up in no time, and everything went very smooth. Recommend WildTrails very highly, especially for foreigners like us!!

Alexandre Fernandes - , Sao Paulo, Brazil

Got in touch with WildTrails India when we were finding Jungle Safari package for my team for Sariska National Park, Rajasthan. WildTrails is very cooperative in understanding our requirements and our needs. WildTrails are highly knowledgable, real experts, and are equipped with right resources to give you with prompt and satisfactory answers to all your queries regarding jungle trips. Last minute changes in package (resort + jungle safari) were very well handled by them. I strongly recommend WildTrails for the best Wildlife packages.

Ankur Jain - Sr. Engineer-II, LG Electronics, Noida, India

Recently I visited Sasan Gir on 3 safari's with Wildtrails. Parmesh organized the trip and every small detail was well managed. Parmesh was very helpful in answering questions and following-up during the trip. The 3 safari's far exceeded expectations. Sighted 3 lions and 1 lioness, many deer, sambal, neelgai, hanuman langoors, mongoose, peacocks, and spotted owlet. One of my most memorable experience.

Anupama Manjeshwar - ,

My son and his friend were delighted with WildTrails' services in Kabini: At the hotel, the welcome was warm, room were luxurious and the meals were excellent. During the safari, we saw many animals both by boat and by jeep. To make the reservation from France, we contacted WildTrails, they were very friendly and very responsive in answering all our questions with great efficiency. We therefore highly recommend WildTrails. 

Christian Fouillen - , France

“Our Tadoba trip was well arranged by WildTrails, as I’m most trips we had sudden change of heart as to the place we had booked and WildTrails stepped in with swift decision making ability to help us solve our problems. More than a perfect trip, I look for a travel partner to help me out as the trip progresses and give a 10 on 10 on that count to WildTrails India”

Srinath Vasan - IT Expert, Mumbai, India

I had recently made a trip to Kabini via WildTrails India. WildTrails is a Great Resource.

Bappaditya Mukhopadhyay - Professor, Economics and Finance, GLIM, Gurgaon, India

I spent 4 days and 3 nights at Kabini and my time there was spectacular. I arranged private transport through WildTrails from Bangalore and it couldn’t have gone smoother. My driver, Satish, picked me up on time and was a very safe and professional driver. He was very kind and accommodating. From Bangalore, it took us 4.5 hours. The Lodge itself is very quiet and the cabins are spacious. They have a small balcony looking down towards the water and you are just a short 20 meter walk from lovely sunset views over the the reservoir, watching flying foxes swoop down over the water at dusk. The buffet food is absolutely amazing, with over 80% of it being vegetarian. After spending a few days here, expect to put on a few kilos of delicious Indian cuisine. What has surprised me most about Kabini is the level of care and respect they have for wildlife management. The number of vehicles for the amount of square kilometers means that it’s very easy to set off in your own jeep without a line of other vehicles ahead or behind you. The zones are just the right size for jeeps to meet up every so often to check in on sightings, and then drive off in separate directions--giving you a true experience with nature and wildlife. The lighting in the morning and evening is wonderful, and driving down dirt roads with hundreds of spotted deer and countless langurs bouncing around in search of bigger game is a beautiful experience. Another thing I like about Kabini is that it feels wild. It’s not like some places you go where they bait or surround sighted animals as if they are in show. Finding cats at Kabini takes patience and time. Don’t expect them to be sitting there waiting for you—posing on a rock or tree branch wondering what took you so long. You have to work to find them, but this is what makes the safari experience feel authentic, as you truly appreciate your encounters with the big cats. The drivers and naturalists are great. They are very attentive and proactive. Their ears and eyes are open at all times, and they strike a perfect balance of sitting and waiting when calls indicate something might be near, and driving ahead to see what may be found around the next bend or hill when nothing presents itself. Going with WildTrails was a great decision. After a slight miscommunication on my first safari, Manju and Gee were quick to contact the general manager here to make sure everything went smoothly the rest of the time. WildTrails checked in each day to see how things were going and whether we had any sightings. Having spent a few days here at the Lodge, the guides and naturalists began to know what I wanted and were helpful in providing the safari experience that suited my needs. The general manager and lead naturalist could not have been more accommodating and hospitable, and this is due to their relationship with WildTrails. Overall, I would highly recommend booking a multi-day safari at Kabini with WildTrails. Great park, great guides and great care of their clients.

Reid Wilson - , Bangkok, Thailand

Very helpful if you are looking for wildlife related information. WildTrails has all information about wildlife spotting, information about sanctuaries, attached resorts etc. Definitely "one stop destination for all Indian Wildlife Enthusiasts"

Nitin Mahale - Telecom Network Solutions, Dhule, India

WildTrails knows it all, and I strongly suggest that nature lovers skip the individual research, and work directly with them for all your wildlife questions. We can't thank WildTrails enough!

Charlotte - , New York City, USA

Thank you WildTrails. Really liked the Kabini park, the accomodation and all was well organised. And, much more importantly, we did actually see a tiger on our final safari, as you had predicted. Thank you for all your help.

Jenni Scully - , United Kingdom

We booked our Kabini jungle safari inclusive transportation from/to Mysore with Wildtrails. In a nutshell: Wildtrails delivers a very professional, knowledgeable and at the same time very personal service. We always could rely on their recommendations and enjoyed staying in constant contact during our whole stay (2 nights, 3 days) and the weeks before. We saw 1 tiger (from the boat safari) and 2 times the black panther, buffalos, crocodiles, birds and a lot of lovely elephants (on land and bathing in the water). Amazing! We can highly recommend Wildtrails for booking a safari! Nikolaus, Lawyer, London" All the best, Nick👋🏻

Nikolaus - Lawyer, London

WildTrails gave me and my family the best experience while in Ranthambore. Our 2 tours had amazing drivers, very knowledgable, who did their best to be able to spot the tiger. We were lucky to see the beautiful animal living in its habitat, along with sloth bears, and all kinds of cervidae. The staff over at Askut Resort made us feel so welcome and comfortable. Its a very pleasant standard stay in a rural area. Our package included drop off in Delhi, in which our driver drove us for 8 hours, and although our Hotel was hard to find, he remained calmed and polite. Im so thankful for all the accomodations WildTrails provided to us.

Camila Rosso - , USA

One of the objectives was to take my kids to a Tiger Reserve & get them connected to Wild Life/Nature, far away from Urban Concrete. Contacted WildTrails … very Meticulous, Unbiased & Accurate in their assessments, … would be surely one of their most frequently visited visitor/customer

Kumar Mitra - Director OEM Alliances. Nutanix Inc., Singapore

The go-to app for any wildlife trip planning. Visit to sanctuaries like Tadoba is difficult to plan because of such opaqueness on the Internet. Chat with them live & they would sort everything from guides to hotels to cabs. The Tiger Sighting Index is one of its kind & very helpful. Strongly recommended.

R Roshan - Software Engineer, Mumbai

Excellent app & teamwork. The day before yesterday we four(family) returned from Tadoba. I have entrusted WildTrails to arrange everything from Nagpur airport to Nagpur airport. I must say thanks to you guys in WildTrails. Every arrangement was just awesome & the tour was a helluva success. Looking forward to booking again soon :-) Dr.Subhamay Chatterjee Consultant Physician & Critical Care Specialist: Bengal

Dr.Subhamay Chatterjee - Consultant Physician & Critical Care Specialist, Bengal

“Finding all relevant info on Nagarhole park & Safari was very hard. Then I found WildTrails. Wrote to them, got a reply within minutes and in a few hours I was ready with all relevant bookings. App is amazing and so is the WildTrails team. Super Appreciate them”

Vysakh R Nambiar - Director, Ntglobal Solutions,, Kigali Rwanda

“We all cannot resist our wanderlust, there are lucky few who desire of being lost while they travel and for the rest who cannot afford to be lost but believe in experiencing the same, WildTrails India does the trick for you! Thanks to WildTrails India, sorted our entire itinerary and there was not a thing for us to worry about in a place where language could have been a barrier for us.“

Maqdum Syed - IT Professional, Pune, India

After numerous trips to the forest in the last five years the Tiger was still elusive to me but Thanks to WildTrails for their accurate info and great prediction, I was able to spot the Tiger (after FIVE ELUSIVE YEARS) at Bandipur. THANK YOU WildTrails – Very Happy!!!!!

S Venkatraman - CEO Vibrant Thermal, Chennai, India

“I almost had given up on the Nagarhole visit, when I, per chance, read WildTrails’s Blog on Nagarhole Park. The Blog answered most of my questions succinctly! Awed by WildTrails passion, detailed knowledge of the forest terrain and local practices. Highly Recommended”

Srinivasa Ratnam - Retired Semiconductor Professional (Intel Corp.), , Santa Clara, California, USA

WildTrails is really passionate about wildlife. Booking to Dubare was quick, easy & their instructions to carry right clothing for the safari was extremely helpful! The WildTrails app helped me find nearby spots & helped us find the right hotel for lunch on our way back! It was a life saver (there aren’t many restaurants on NH48!)

Mukesh Khandelwal - Director, Myntra, Bangalore India

Went along with my family – an age group range from 3 to 70 – to Kabini Nagarhole & Dubare. Excellent service from WildTrails. We got what we were told right from start to end. Great service, perfect professionalism and hassle free transactions.

Venkatesh Subramanian - CEO, Logic Tree Capital, Chennai, India

Planned a last minute trip from Bangalore; there were number of open options like Nagarhole, Bandipur & Wayanad. Google search for hours did not help me arrive at a conclusion and that is where I ended up consulting WildTrails. They are awesome, and I could quickly narrow down on my options & had a very memorable trip to Nagarhole!!

Faizulla Sheik - CEO, 3E Software Solutions, Bangalore, India

We being a wildlife loving family planned a visit to Bandipur National Park in January 2017 but WildTrails made it even better with their expertise and knowledge..no doubt when we would think of wildlife trips in India in the future – WildTrails it would be for our wildlife tours

Siddhartha Bansal - , Kolkata, India

We booked our safari via WildTrails. Initial interactions were usual, but what was different was information flowing about the wildlife sightings at the place we were going to. Once we reached, I did not bother to get in touch with them. But they called me during the middle of my trip, asking details about my change in plans. I never communicated about this to them, but they heard it from their driver and offered us to help. That was a WOW!!

Suresh G Venkanna - Chief architect, Value Add Management Consultants, Bangalore, India

We had an exemplary experience with WildTrails on our visit to the Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve in the month of April. They have an efficient team to take care of the smallest issue during the entire trip. We had an absolutely hassle free vacation with them. The Car driver, Resort Selection, Resort Staff, Tour Guides, etc. all of them were quite helpful & co-operative. They share all the necessary information related to the sanctuary and the safari. I wish them all the very best and will surely recommend my animal lover friends to see wildlife thru them. My Best Wishes.

Manish Agarwal - Managing Partner, Accord Realty Solutions, Kolkata, India

My husband and I have done number of safaris but this time, with our friends, we decided to explore our new destination Tadoba with WildTrails India. WildTrails worked end to end for us. The trip was very well planned and organized right from pick up to resort arrangement to safari to sighting animals to drop. We had great time!! Would say extremely well organized trip throughout. All in all an exhilarating experience. We planning next trip with WildTrails to Hemis soon. I would definitely recommend WildTrails to anyone who has keen interest in wildlife . WildTrails keep up good work! You guys are superb !!!

Hetal Goyal - Category head buyer, Crossword Bookstores, Mumbai, India

Amazing trip to Tadoba!! Thanks a lot WildTrails for the best arrangements. Tadoba is superb and fantastic to visit once in life. It was a great experience. The expert tiger trackers assigned by WildTrails were fantastic and guided us well with full of information and to our satisfaction . Thanks again WildTrails India!! Highly recommend them!!

Ramdas Pawar - Proprietor, Agyle India, Aurangabad, MH, India

I had one of the best jungle safari experiences recently at the Kabini Jungle Lodges and Resorts in Karnataka. we were a group of 8 who drove down from Bangalore to the Kabini forests for 2 nights and 3 days. All our bookings were managed by the good people at WildTrails. The process was smooth, they were more than accommodative with all sorts of requests from our end and they were available on standby for any help or assistance needed until we checked out. I highly recommend using them ​in​ your next wildlife adventure. Not only are they equipped on knowledge, tips, insights on the jungles of India they have a stellar network of professionals and connections across safari providers too. I'm definitely reaching out to them on my next jungle trip and will recommend them to all wildlife enthusiasts. Good work Manjunath, Sonia, and team Wildtrails, keep it up. Until next time - Cheers!

Carl George - Sr. Vice President - IndieFolio Network, Mumbai, India

We had an amazing experience with WildTrails on our visit to TATR. Everything was planned perfectly, the safari gates selection, resort, tour guide, etc. we sighted tigers on each safari we did & the timing was perfect. highly recommended for people who want to explore wildlife. Thank you wildtrails for this memorable experience

Chandrashekar SC - , Bangalore, India

Hi this is Savio Josephs from Mumbai. Being an ardent wild life lover planned a trip to Kanha this April 2019 and did my safari bookings and hotel reservations through Wild Trails. Had a great experience dealing with the team and spent 2 night in Kanha at the Tuli Tiger Resort. My family and I did 3 safaris and we were really fortunate to spot 4 tigers and even a sloth bear apart from all the other wildlife that the reserve has to offer. The weather was beautiful as it had rained the previous day and the morning safari’s were really chilly. Great experience, wonderful time and looking forward to the next trip with WildTrails

Savio Josephs - Associate Vice President, worldline, Mumbai, India

**WildTrails,perfect companion for wildlife experience * Being wildlife enthusiasts,we have been to safaris earlier also,but this time trip to pench was different.once we had planned for pench,i started searching for trip organisers (earlier my safaris used to be self planned) then I got to know about WILDTRAILS. With little apprehension I started reading n talking to them,I got feeling that the they are worth giving trial. So we booked pench trip through them. We never realised that trip experience will be so great. From pickup at Nagpur airport to drop at same place,each n every member of team was perfect and well coordinated. The whole team made our experience very much memorable. We had wonderful safaris experience,our guide n driver had excellent knowledge n they kept us engaged with their talk throughout.our stay at Vannraj resort was fantastic. For three days we didn’t had to think about anything,they planned every details of our trip very meticulously.our job was to follow them n relax,enjoy n experience. I was there with my wife n two kids (4,6 years old).all of them happy.kids didn’t bothered about heat wave,their enthusiasm n wildtrails preparation was above any obstacles. I thanks to whole team of wildtrails for making our trip memorable.trip got organised,the day we started talking to them.it like you pay n forget,no hassle,everything is taken care by there team,.the payment are also reasonable. We already started planning next two safaris with them. Congratulations and best wishes to whole team Dr Anchal kumar Orthopaedic surgeon India

Dr Anchal kumar - Orthopaedic surgeon, Mumbai, India

It was really a wonderful experience at Nagarhole National Park, Kabini during the rainly days.. The naturalists who has taken us for safaris were experts in tracking Tigers.. (Spotted 3 tigers in 4 safaris) They had clearly explained us on the behaviour of various types of birds and mammals in that natural habitat.. Thanks to Wildtrails & look forward for another safari with you.

Mahesh S - Cochin, India

An absolutely wonderful experience, arranged by WildTrails, for a 5 days - 4 nights package at Bandipur and Kabini. As a novice in Wildlife Safari, all my queries were patiently answered by WildTrails team (Thank you - Vidhu and Parmesh), and they ensured that I got to enjoy the trip to the fullest. The team also gave full support so that a few uncertainties on the trip due to heavy rain and floods en-route were addressed, keeping in mind my safety concerns. A longer stay at Bandipur and Kabini also ensured that I got to spot a wide variety of animals (3 tigers spotted, one of which was a thrilling hunt of a wild dog by a tigress) and birds from these two beautiful locations.

Krishna - A hassle free and amazing wildlife experience,

Very nicely organized trip of Tadoba... Thanks, Wildtrails for making our vacation memorable.

Nirupam Dutta - Beautiful Tadoba, Bengaluru

It was a nice trip planned by WildTrails ... good resort.. swimming pool was occupied by some noisy guys during our stay. Safaris were good. I have sighted cheetahs, langurs, peacocks, wild boars, sambhar. I was surrounded by greeneries. Meals were awesome, homely and delicious, staff was cordial, reasonable charges, short weekend voyage, rooms were clean, housekeeping was good.

MOUMALA NAYAK - Delhi, India

"WildTrails made our trip very smooth and memorable. We had a great time, everything was perfectly organised! We had sightings of tigers and leopards plus many other animals on both safaris! We will definitely be recommending WildTrails to our friends and family! You truly are Wildlife experts. From, Chandrashekar family.

Chandrashekar - , Bangalore, India

Had a great experience with the help of WildTrails. At every moment in the times of pleasure and problems WildTrails took immediate action and helped us to get the best out of everything. We were on a trip to Kanha national park with accordance of WildTrails I would highly recommend WildTrails to all. I thank all the support staff of WildTrails for helping us getting this memorable vacation. A special thanks to Mr. Parmesh for helping us.

Nilesh Vivrekar - , Mumbai, India

We had an incredible experience using the app and booking a trip based on most recent tiger sightings. The WildTrails team was in constant contact and everything went flawlessly. We even saw a tiger! I'd highly recommend booking with them, and would do so again in a heartbeat.

Victoria Miller - , Florida

Excellent experience overall. The WildTrails team was really helpful right from planning to booking & even made sure our stay was great without any hiccups. Thanks a lot, will definitely try some other place soon

Mayur Shetty - , Bangalore

WildTrails was fun and the guides were very knowledgeable about the animals. We will definitely be back!

Gina M. - , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Overall great experience from starting of booking till the end of the trip. The stay at JLR was awesome with a clear focus on wildlife Safaris. The Jeep safari with the expert trackers were amazing, which finally helped to end my wait all these years to spot a tiger in a natural habitat. Highly recommended for any wildlife enthusiast. Kudos to WildTrails and JLR team.

Pruthviraj Shivaram - , Amsterdam

Amazing team to contact if you are looking for a tour into the wild. Though ours was a last-minute plan to Bandipur Forest, Wildtrials team planned it really well and their quick response was really commendable. Safari was good and quality time spent will family amidst nature! Cheers team!

Yellur Pranitha - , Bangalore

I first came across this app of Wildtrails, which gave very good & handy information about most of the wildlife parks in India. I think Manujanth Gowda started this app / company. The most interesting information was the daily updates of sightings or the last sighting. Also they did a unique thing by recognising & recommending the local guides / naturalist. These were very unique inside information that no other site or app offered! That time I had decided that I would do a turpentined with Wildtrails some time! And the opportunity came towards the FIRST year end of unpleasant calamity of corona. We planned the trip to Ranthambore when India was almost recovering and it seems like all was well. Wildtrails booked our Safari, Gypsy, Naturalist, and resort. As the trip neared there was lot of uncertainty and at once point we almost cancelled the trip just 2 days before departure. Then somehow we checked with gathered courage and went ahead with the trip. And what a FANTASTIC Trip it was. We were blessed with he BEST Sightings in Ranthambore and in the company of one of the finest Naturalist Mr Nadeem I have travelled with. All the vehicles were always good condition, clean and on time. All the bookings were efficiently handled by Geeta & Muhammed Mujahid. All the local contacts were given my numbers well in time and we had a great trip. Thanks all.

Rtn Jatin Sharad Patel - Technical Director, ASPEE Group of Companies , Mumbai

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